Authorization API documentation

Verifying an OAuth 2.0 Access Token

The URL used to verify an OAuth 2.0 Access Token

GET ws/oauth/v2/authorization/verify

Endpoint Description Method This endpoint is the target of the request for verifying an OAuth 2.0 Access Token. HTTP-GET

The access token to verify is passed in the Authorization HTTP header using the Bearer scheme. For scenario's where it is not possible to pass the access token in the HTTP Header, the access token can be passed using the query string.

Parameter Values Description Required
access_token The access token obtained from the OAuth 2.0 Authorization Server. A string representing the access token issued by the OAuth 2.0 Authorization Server. Yes

Example 1: Using the Authorization HTTP header to pass the access token

Authorization: Bearer LTgaAik7F-smmQ65_nVfag==

Example 2: Using a query string to pass the access token

GET{access_token} HTTP/1.1

Handling the response

If the passed token is valid the response is a JSON result containing token information.

Property Values Description
audience A identifier representing the Client identifier issued to the application.
expires_in A numeric value The number of seconds the token is still valid.
scope Space delimited set of scopes the resource owner granted the client. The scopes specified can be different from the requested scopes when the resource owner doesn't or can't grant all of the requested scopes.


    "audience": "38890",
    "scope": "MapRequest",
    "expires_in": "14556"

When the token is not valid the following json result is returned without any additional information.